We have been producing digital educational programs, videos, and animations on medical and technical topics since 1993.

The interactive learning on the screen is either by CD-ROM or web-based, and is effective in allowing trainees to understand complex as it works not only with images and text, but also with sound, videos, and animations.

Ischler Institut offers the world's only collection of interactive learning modules on human physiology. Have a look!

A good tutorial is like an entertaining TV documentary. It captivates. Unlike television, you get active content on the screen and interaction with the content at the learning pace of the user promotes the retention rate. Because if learning is fun, the content will also be remembered.

Ischler Institut not only offers standard learning programs, but we also create custom-made products on behalf of customers. The standard learning programs include our new modules based on the german DIHT's catalog of learning objectives "Certified Pharmaceutical Representative", our cardiovascular training program, the "Emergency CD-ROM" and the "SHQA" series of learning programs for pharmaceutical representatives in Switzerland.

And right now you can take online courses with us to prepare for the pharmaceutical representatives exam in Austria accompanying the PHARMIG scripts.

Dr. med. Thomas Ischler

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For new product approval, we needed basic and product training that could be carried out decentrally.

Ischler Institut was able to quickly provide us with anatomy and physiology for initial and refresher training for employees. Two modules were created for the medical-scientific training. Due to the profound medical knowledge of Ischler Institut, the scripts could be created using the existing documents alone.

A big advantage was that only a little time had to be invested in our part.

The modules were delivered on time and were of high quality so that we have been training all employees with them since then. We are very satisfied with the performance of Ischler Institut.

Dr. Tom Sicker Pharmaakademie Leipzig

The Ischler Institut training programs have been an integral part of our blended learning course "Certified Pharmaceutical Representative (IHK)" for five years.

The training material covers the anatomy and physiology of the organ systems. Our course participants benefit from the scientifically based content and the clear presentation of the various topics.

Especially for self-study learners, these teaching files provide important didactic support.

In our course for training pharmaceutical sales representatives in Austria, which has been offered through BFI Vienna for several years now, we use the physiological learning modules from Ischler Institut. The animated pictorial representations and the catchy voiceover text greatly help the participants to understand the sometimes difficult processes of the human body. And the extensive glossary also supports learners who are not yet fully familiar with medical terminology.

Participants' feedback on the learning modules has been very positive.

We can highly recommend the use of the modules in the field of medicine for non-medical professionals.

Go to the cinema, not the library!

Videos, interactive tests, 3-D animations, and sound turn complicated theory into an adventure trip into medicine, pharmacy, or other sciences.

Interaction attracts attention and makes learning really efficient.

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How does an allergy develop? And what exactly is the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system?

We help you to find the answer because we implement what is difficult to put into words. With interactive graphics and vivid clips. You tell us what you need. We produce for you. Our team of experienced doctors, graphic designers and multimedia experts ensures scientifically correct implementation that is impressive. And which you will not soon forget.


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Watching the heart live at work is always more exciting than leafing through an anatomy book! We help to see medical processes and relationships and to get explanations as they really are. Colorful and always on the move.

Whether interactive training for doctors or study presentations, whether correct behavior in cardiac emergencies or the 3D representation of the pulmonary circulation - our team of experts will create the right scripts for your requirements, whether a learning program, video, or animation. According to your personal wishes.

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