Examination as a pharmaceutical representative (IHK)

Examination as a pharmaceutical representative (IHK)

With our modules you learn well and effectively.

The online trainees of the Pharma-Akademie, who prepare for their exam as pharmaceutical representative (IHK) with our online learning modules throughout Germany, are also aware of this.

Inquire here about the conditions of the Pharma-Akademie, Leipzig: kontakt@pharmaakademie.com

In more than 20 interactive and animated modules as well as a powerful glossary and an extensive list of questions from previous years' exams, you will be comprehensively prepared for the exam. You can discuss with other candidates in the forum, ask questions, and provide answers. In a second step, we plan tutorials in which experts answer your questions and provide any support you may require.

Those interested in training as a pharmaceutical representative (IHK) in Germany should contact our partner Pharmaakademie who offers our courses in Germany exclusively for the preparation for the pharmaceutical representative exam.

If you are interested in the federal training as a pharmaceutical consultant in Switzerland, you can use the courses which Ischler Institute has created for Switzerland and which are offered by our Partnerfirma imc in Graz.

The courses for the training of pharmaceutical sales representatives in Austria are offered by the BFI in Vienna.