Cardiovascular module in English

We are pleased to announce that the English version of "Cardiovascular" is now also available.

This means that three of fifteen of our physiological modules are already available in English.

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We continue to work on the translation of our modules.

With the "Heart", another module is now available in English. Next, we'll tackle the cardiovascular system.

These include:

The Berufsförderungsinstitut (BFI) in Vienna is now also preparing candidates for the Austrian pharmaceutical representative examination with our modules for their exams.

You can find more information (in German) here:

The "Musculoskeletal System" is now available in an English version.

In this module, we have also placed great emphasis on the physiology of the muscle and included a beautifully animated representation of the muscle contraction.

The transmission of stimuli at Continue reading

After completing the German version of the learning modules, we have now started to translate the physiology into English.

We expect the first modules to be available in spring 2020.

Human physiology as interactive learning modules

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