“Heart” Module available in English

“Heart” Module available in English

We continue to work on the translation of our modules.

With the "Heart", another module is now available in English.
Next, we'll tackle the cardiovascular system.

These include:
  • Location, size and weight
  • Anatomy of the valve system
  • Heart cycle with systole and diastole
  • Excitation formation and conduction system
  • Pressure conditions in the chambers
  • all-or-nothing law
  • Terms such as heart rate, stroke volume and cardiac output per minute (HMV)
  • Adaptation of the heart to different performances and oxygen requirements (Frank-Starling mechanism)
  • Superordinate centers of heart influence
  • Subdivision lungs and body circulation
  • Air vessel function
  • Effects of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system on the heart

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